De Call® was founded in 1993. The DE CALL collections can be various combined: they accompany the cosmopolitan, modern and stylish woman in an endless play of magic transformation from the morning brunch to the evening cocktail. The DE CALL woman is classy, nobly seductive, pretentious erotic, though never aggressively pushy. At times the DE CALL woman is romantic and dreamy, recalling splendid, princely balls of bygone centuries, yet solidly bound to the present, because she wears clothes that express a fusion of innovation and tradition. She sets a high value on highlighting her sensuality and femininity, and for her precious elegance she is always an attention getter of fashion aesthetes.

DE CALL articles are manufactured exclusively in Italy using the finest quality materials and workmanship. The spirit of this young family company is reflected in its models, which feature innovative styling and cutting edge materials.