Alexandra Stelzer started her career at the age of 18, when she decided to study fashion design in Florence, by then she already knew that fabrics, sketches and cuds would play the most important role in her life. She worked for several fashion brands in Italy and at the same time in 1993 she founded her own fashion label DE CALL® and made a personal wish came true. The collection was presented in Europe, USA, Asia and Russia. Alexandra's prêt à porter is a fashionable and elegant women collection. DE CALL® is focused to creations that can all be easily combined with each other, layering various pieces of clothing in one outfit. She is in vogue for her street chic-culture day- and cocktail outfits and especially for her fabulous evening high-end dresses. Especially the DE CALL® Atelier sophisticated bridal couture-robes are request from Italy to the Emirates. Alexandra's looks are authentic with a timeless appeal, full of glamour and innovation, whit a spirit from the glamorous '30, fancy materials and a vision to the future. The designers creative talent also shines in her work as a costume designer for theater and productions.